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Radant MEMS Switch (continued)

Performance testing on Radant MEMS switches demonstrates proven reliability to greater than 100 billion switching cycles.

Operational Characteristics

  • Actuation "Gate" voltage between 40 and 90 V,
    depending on the specific design, actuates the microswitch
  • On-resistance is less than 1 ohm at DC and low frequencies
  • Cold-switched lifetime exceeds 100 billion cycles
  • At 500 milliamps (mA), lifetime exceeds 1 billion cycles
  • On-response time is approximately 5 microseconds;
    off-response time is much smaller
  • Power consumption at a switching rate of 1 kHz is approximately
    5 microwatts

RF lifetime testing at 10 GHz for our 8-Contact MEMS Switch with 0.5 W input. Switch was still functional at 100 billion cycles when the test was stopped. Instability in the TWT amplifier employed for this testing towards the end of this test lead to some power drift in all test channels. Both insertion loss and isolation were stable over the life of the switch.

RF Lifetime (Cold Switched)
• >100 billion cycles cold switched, 0.5 W

Mechanical Lifetime
• >100 billion cycles

RF Performance
RMI’s RF-MEMS switches measured values of insertion loss are several tenths of a dB better than most current PIN diode, MESFET, and PHEMT switches with comparable or better isolations at broad range of frequency.

Measured performance of different available RF-MEMS switches at broad band DC to 40Ghz are demonstrated for the following products:


  • Low Insertion Loss (< 0.5 dB up to 38 GHz) and
    < -20 dB Return Loss up to 36 GHz

  • High Isolation (20 dB @ 10 GHz and 13 dB @ 40 GHz),
    (Measurements Includes Bond Wires)

  • Insertion Loss (typical < 0.27 dB @ 2 GHz)

  • Isolation (typical > 23 dB @ 2 GHz)

* Measurement results are influenced by the bond wire to RMSW200™ on the test board

Our “High Isolation” improvement design to the above product “RMSW201™” delivers:

  • Significant Isolation Improvements

  • Improved Isolation 23 dB at 10 GHz (3 dB Better),
    18 dB at 36 GHz (5 dB Better)

  • < 0.5 dB Insertion Loss and < -15 dB Return Loss up to 36 GHz


  • Low Insertion Loss (< 0.15 dB @ 2 GHz , < 0.18 dB @4 GHz and < 0.24dB @ 10 GHz)

  • High Isolation (> 25 dB@ 2 GHz, > 20 dB@ 4 GHz and > 12 dB@ 10 GHz)

  • Return Loss (< -30 dB@ 2 GHz, < -24 dB@ 4 GHz and < -20 dB@ 10 GHz)

Long Life (>1010 cycles) Electrostatic Actuation, High Off Resistance (>1 G-Ohm), Fast Switching (5 µs), High Current Handling (1A) ±100V Signal Range, Near Zero Harmonic Distortion, No Quiescent Power Dissipation

* Measurement results are influenced by the bond wire to RMSW100™ on the test board

By combining series and shunt MEMS switches within the same capped package, substantially higher isolation has been attained, with little degradation in insertion loss. For example, isolation is 65 dB at 2 GHz, 50 dB at 10 GHz, and 30 dB at 20 GHz. Radant MEMS is developing product families of capped SP2T, SP4T, and transfer switches.

Fabrication Process
Applications and Benefits